the bell tower

The second ,model of the project


the bell tower

The second model

As the Original Number Six cottage was built as a ‘one off’ it didn’t occure to me to record the build process, however by the time that I began the build of the Bell Tower I had a master plan – to build the whole village. This suggested that I should take the whole thing more seriously and from this came the idea of recording the process as well as logging the time spent on the work.

Click here to follow the build process step by step to completion.

Although commercially available small scale clay models exist, my intention was to create a Tower that had rooms, inner spaces just like the building itself has and to give myself the freedom to use whatever materials would give an as life like an impression of the real thing as I could.


The final model stands at nearly 12 inches high and is styled on the Tower as it stood during the location shoot for the TV series 'The Prisoner' back in 1966 and includes the now long gone Ivy growth.

Interested in owning Portmeirion for yourself?

If however you like the finished product but can’t or won’t commit to your own model making project I am open to private commissions, please drop me an email with your queries and contact details for more information.